Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You're a Lesesne/Lesane...You Def Got Something to Say!

Been waiting for the time you could tell all, tell true and have a captivated audience? This is the time! At our reunion "Taste of Home" event on Friday, July 15, we'll be inviting family members to take up the mike and deliver your finest poems at our family poetry slam. Every age group is encouraged to contribute.
You can talk the talk
Walk the walk
Do the Rhyme
Spend the time
Spout the truth
(Don't be uncouth)
Inspired the kids
and Tickle ribs

Time limits may apply depending on number of participants. Just bring your poetry with you and sign up to present on Friday night at Taste of Home....You're a Lesesne/Lesane. We bet you got something to say. :-)