Hotel Accomodations

They only hold one day's price to book your space! Pay the balance at check out.

Hotel Registration Information:
Reunion Dates: Thursday, July 14, 2016, through Sunday, July 17, 2016.
Check-in on Thursday is 3:00 P. M. Check-out on Sunday is Noon.

Location: Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square
300 W. Station Square Dive
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1162

Cal in: Guest can call (800) 325-3535 or (412) 261-2000). An online booking link will also be provided on our Facebook page or blog. Guest must reference the name Lesesne/Lesane Family Reunion, Pittsburgh Kinfolk Club or any combination of the group’s name for an agent to assist. All information and calls for hotel rooms must be done separately (by you) through the Sheraton Hotel. This are separate and independent from the reunion registration. We suggest you book your accommodations as soon as possible, as the reunion occurs at a popular month in the summer. After June 14 our special reunion rate is subject to change and upcharges or no rooms may be available.

Room Rates:
Single Occupant
$159.00 (w/tax $181.26)

Double Occupant
$159.00 (w/tax $181.26)

May No Longer Be Available....

Triple Occupant
$179.00 (w/tax $181.26)

Four Occupant
$199.00 (w/tax $226.86)

King Bed and Sleep sofa
$189.00 (w/tax $215.46)

Sleeping cots are by availability at no charge and baby cribs are by availability at no charge. That is on first come served bases.

Room Reservations Procedures
The guest must call thirty days (30)/(or June 14 at the latest) prior to the arrival and identify themselves as part of our family reunion group, and provide the Sheraton 1 (800) 325-3535 or (412) 261-2000) with guest name, request type of room, bed type, and check-in time and day along with check-out date and time. Any request for special room arrangements or early check-in time or late check-out time need to be made at the time of original reservation dating time. Or book your room online.

Or click here to book online.

Kinfolk HINT: IS BETTER TO BOOK YOUR ROOM BY THE NUMBER OF BEDS YOU NEED RATHER BY THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE ROOM. MENTIONING Numbers over 2 people in a double/double for example. may mean ADDITIONAL COSTS. However, saying "I Need two double beds" will not.

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