Pre-plan your Fun! FAMILY and "On Your Own" Activities


July 14- July 16--Morning Stretch and Swim
July 14/Thursday--"On The Town"-- A tour of favorite Pittsburgh places, and family venues.
July 15/Friday--"A Taste of Home" Family Gathering with food and performance."
July 16/Saturday-- Two genealogy workshops with Stephen Farrow, and Mary "Trish" Lesesne; also one Kinfolk Coordinator's Meeting & Saturday Night Family Banquet with Club Presentations and Fashion Promenade
July 17/Sunday Send-off with Rev. JohnnieMonroe


Hello Family, we hope that even before you even reach the city, you can plan out the sites and scenes you'd love to experience. On this page we will be giving you some great ideas and costs that assist you in making your decision on where to go. If you click on the name of the venue, you'll be directed to their main site where you can get further information. We will also suggest the best way for you and your family to get there. (Any venue prices we quote may be subject to change)

The Incline
Just Ducky Tours
 The loading point of the  Pittsburgh Incline, is only a short walk from the hotel and gives your incredible views of the city from Mt. Washington day or night. Just Ducky Tours, will take you and your family on a super tour in and around downtown by land and water while guides share some great and and little facts about "The 'Burgh."  This group also runs the "Culture to Ketchup Tour" by land-only by Molley's Trolley (412-391-7433). The Warhol Museum, located on Pittsburgh Northside.....
Warhol self Portrait

Senator John Heinz History Museum

National Aviary

Southworks Shopping Mall

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